What does Velotech Cycling do?

Velotech Cycling Ltd provide a range of services, mainly in-house, but also working with partners to provide coverage by experts in given fields of cycle mechanics and related activities.

Technical Training
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Velotech Training Courses are a modular programme of learning with a strong emphasis on the practical understanding and application of good underlying mechanical principles.
The programme is subject to constant updates in terms of the technologies discussed and worked on, but the core values of progression and practicality stay the same.

The Platinum and Platinum Plus accreditations have been recognised under the Vocationally Relevant Qualification framework by ASET, a government recognised awarding body.

Velotech Cycling Ltd is committed to the ongoing development of the accreditation, and to broadening access to an industry-recognised and properly audited learning programme, into which the industry contributes knowledge and best practice.

ba logo All Velotech courses carry the approval of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain (BAGB), the UK's manufacturers, importers and distributors association. It is our general policy that we do not train candidates in any aspect of bicycle mechanics until we ourselves have received training from the manufacturer or distributor, or until we have received accreditation from a manufacturer or distributor.

Read more about the programme here. There is an FAQ section that we recommend that you study before contacting us by phone or email.

Velotech Training Workshops
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Velotech Training Workshops - Since the inception of Velotech, we have worked with a range of centres to deliver elements of the Velotech accreditation. Most centres can offer training up to Gold level. Unlike some training providers in the market who are now belatedly trying to replicate this. a distrobuted training moodel has always been part of Velotech's DNA and accordingly, we are highly experienced in it.

tools image The modular nature of the Velotech accreditation means that candidates wishing eventually to acheive a Professional or Professional Plus certification can therefore start their training at a training centre close to them, without the need to travel, so allowing a more economic option than might be the case with some other courses.

Centres that can help you are linked below.

Once candidates are ready to engage in further training, perhaps in brand specific or more complex building or maintenance tasks, they can opt to come to the main training workshops in Stoke-on-Trent.

Campagnolo Technical Centre
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Velotech Cycling provide technical education, technical and warranty services, plus customer-facing component servicing for Campagnolo product in the UK, as an "Approved Service Centre" or "ASC". There are other ASCs in the UK, all of whom have received training by Velotech Cycling Ltd to assess and deliver warranty provision.

Velotech Cycling Ltd is both industry- and customer-facing, whereas the others are, in general, committed to servicing their own trade customers.

campagnolo technical logo As an additional part of the Campagnolo Service, Velotech are the main UK Campagnolo-endorsed providers of technical training with relation to Campagnolo proprietory technologies such as EPS, G3 wheelbuilding, Ergopower levers, Ultra Torque, PowerTorque and PowerShift. These courses can be taken as stand-alone accreditations provided that basic competencies exist and also form modules of our Platinum Plus course. For Campagnolo retailers seeking factory-approved training on current-year material, they can also speak to Chicken Cycle Kit.

Read more about our Campagnolo ASC provision here. There is an FAQ section that we request that you study before contacting us by phone or email.

Velotech Training Workshop locations and links


Northern Ireland

In addition to the services above, Velotech Cycling Ltd also offer:
  • Provision of locum mechanics services.
  • Provision of specialist mechanical services (i.e. wheel building, internal gear hub (IGH) servicing, etc.)
  • Provision of technical support (Service de Course) at cycling events through The Service Corps.
  • Consultancy on most aspects of bicycle mechanics, design, workshop design & management, training course design & delivery as it applies to bicycle mechanics, and other related matters.

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