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Campagnolo Approved Service Centre (ASC)

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There are four Campagnolo Approved Service Centres in the UK at this time. You can see a full list at the Campagnolo web site.

Velotech Cycling Ltd is the longest-established of the four. We are an independent company which provides a warranty and servicing function to the UK market on behalf of Campagnolo SRL. We are contracted to provide this service. The other three Service Centres are all attached to wholesalers, and in general will deal directly with an end-user's retailer. The exception is i-ride (Jim Walker) who have a public-facing aspect to their business. Velotech Cycling Ltd. deals with retailers, wholesalers and end-users.

Whilst we work very closely with Campagnolo, and in particular with their service department, we can only really answer queries with a direct bearing on the technical aspects of Campagnolo product as it interfaces with other Campagnolo parts, or how Campagnolo parts should be assembled onto your bike, within the boundaries of Campagnolo's published technical advice. We can't give a direct answer with regard to any other aspect of Campagnolo - we can, however, forward commercial, marketing and sponsorship queries to the relevant departments at Campagnolo.

To see more information about what Velotech Cycling Ltd does in relation to it's role as a Campagnolo ASC, including it's technical training activity for the public, retailers and for Campagnolo distributors in the UK, please use the menu above.

If you have a technical query, please read the FAQ pages before contacting us by phone or email. Thanks!