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Campagnolo Technical Training

We offer the only Campagnolo factory-approved training courses in all aspects of Campagnolo proprietory technology available in the UK or indeed, worldwide (apart from those offered by Campagnolo's national subsidiaries, such as Campagnolo France, Campagnolo North America and so on).

Our Campagnolo-specific training courses form part of our modular, ASET-accredited Platinum Plus course, but can be taken by interested individuals provided basic competencies can be demonstrated, and as such are available as stand-alone units. See more information on our courses here.

The course is split over three days. The days can be taken all together, or split according to your needs.

The basic pre-requisite to complete all three days is Velotech Platinum, Cytech 2, or City and Guilds certificate in Cycle maintenance and repair.

If you have a Weldtech / Velotech Platinum certification isued prior to 1st Feb 2012, you will also need a Velotech-Sapim wheelbuilding certificate or similar. This is also a basic prerequisite for Campagnolo Pro-Shop status.

If you wish to attend specific days only, we can offer:

  • Day 1 requires simply a Velotech Silver accreditation, or Cytech 2
  • Day 2 requires a Velotech Gold, Cytech 2 or City and Guilds certificate in Cycle Maintenance and repair. It is not open as a stand-alone unit at this time as it requires a familiarity with other aspects of Campagnolo product.
  • Day 3 only requires a Velotech-Sapim wheelbuilding certificate or equivalent, and Velotech Gold or CyTech 2, or City and Guilds certificate in cycle maintenance and repair including a wheelbuilding certificate.

The course content for the three days is as follows:

  • The first day, sometimes referred to as the Campagnolo Proprietary Technology course, looks at the history of ErgoPower and covers the strip down, servicing and reassembly of the three main families of ErgoPower, compatabilities & interchangeabilities. It also covers Ultra-Torque & PowerTorque (preparation and installation) and includes some notes on the differences in set-up technique between Campagnolo and other manufacturer's equipment.
  • Day two covers the correct installation and adjustment of EPS systems (versions 1-4 plus WRL) including fault-finding, and diagnosis at the dealer level and the connectivity of the MyCampy App to the v3 / v4 EPS and WRL systems. All aspects of Campagnolo Hydraulic disc brake systems are covered, as is Ekar 13s. On this day we also discuss other aspects of each year's new technology introductions and the various functionality being added into the MyCampy App, which is of course, under continuous development.
  • Day three includes information about and training in the the procedures required to complete hub servicing, and the lacing and tensioning of G3 wheels.

Successful completion of day 2 plus a commercial commitment are the absolute minimum for inclusion in the Campagnolo Pro-Shop programme.

This status is updated yearly and the validity of the status (which includes an ongoing training requirement) is dependant on a commitment to the training programme, year on year, as well as the commercial aspect.

As the longest-established UK Approved Service Centre (there is one other, noted below) and with over 30 years of day-to-day experience of Campagnolo product, stretching from the "Classic" era to the present, we have unrivalled technical knowledge and access to Campagnolo Italy. If you want or need training in Campagnolo product, Velotech is the place to get it!

UK Campagnolo Approved Service Centres.

  • Velotech Cycling Ltd, trade and retail customers, Graeme Freestone King
  • ChickenCycleKit, trade only, Gary Anderson & Stewart MacKay

Staff have generally been trained at Campagnolo SRL in Vicenza, or by Velotech Cycling Ltd.

Graeme is then updated by regular trips to Vicenza for training on new product and discussion of new issues, and passes that information to the other service centres, Pro-Shops and accredited mechanics as appropriate. Since 2011, Campagnolo Approved Service Centres have undergone annual update training at Campagnolo Vicenza or via Velotech Cycling Ltd.

Many of the retailers with staff who have graduated in aspects of Campagnolo Training Course are shown at the Campagnolo website under the "Shops" tab.

The ProShop programme is undergoing overhaul and update at present so the shops listed at the Campagnolo website may not all have fully-updated (or, indeed, any) trained staff at this time (25.09.23) so we would advise reference to us at Velotech to establish training status.