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Pro-Shop is a worldwide Campagnolo project aimed at delivering true expertise to the consumer at the point of sale.

Pro-Shop, as it encompasses both the areas of mechanical expertise and the supply of spare parts falls quite squarely into the remit of Velotech Cycling Ltd.

All Pro-Shops must have at least one technician who has been through, as a minimum, part of the Velotech Campagnolo Training Programme, which perforce also means that they have at least a Velotech Gold or parallel certification of general mechanical competence.

Pro-Shops are also asked to keep a minimum stock of spares and a representative cross-section of groupset components.

Pro-Shops can't offer a definitive judgement on warranty - only the UK Service Centres can do that (or in particular circumstances, Campagnolo themselves), but they are in better position than most cycle retailers to comment on any problem that you may have with a Campagnolo product.

A full listing of Campagnolo Pro-Shops is on the Campagnolo website at under the "Shops" tab - however, if you are looking for a mechanic to assist you with a specific problem, we'd recommend that you also contact us, because in addition to the ProShop network, there are mechanics who have completed either full or partial training with us and who choose to operate independently, or shops with staff that we have trained who choose not to be be ProShops. One of these shops or mechanics may be closer to you, or better equipped to deal with your specific problem, than a ProShop.