Campagnolo Servicing, Spares and Tools

We can supply spare parts for and service any product of Campagnolo SRL on a paid-for basis, where parts are available.

We are able to service all Campagnolo parts on a paid-for basis, and we provide this service to both individuals and to the bicycle trade. When queing jobs, we normally give precedence to warranty work, as this is our primary responsibility, but generally the turn-around on paid-for repair work is still quite quick.

We are also, as part of this aspect of our service, able to provide both shops and members of the public with genuine Campagnolo spares and tools. Please note, though, that we cannot supply full assemblies - so a jockey cage and jockey wheels yes, a complete rear gear, no. We order from Campagnolo Vicenza on a roughly two-weekly basis, so even if we don't have stock of the spare that you need, we can probably source it more rapidly than anyone - although it does depend on Campagnolo having free stock, of course.

Naturally we are happy to advise anyone with regard to the technical aspects of Campagnolo parts and systems, but we would encourage you to read our FAQ section before contacting us - it is growing all of the time, and many issues are dealt with either in the FAQs or by links included in the FAQ section.

Sending us a Job

Both warranty and non warranty repairs should be sent to our Office address:

Velotech Cycling Ltd
37 Dinglederry
MK46 5ES

Please ensure that you enclose your return address, a contact phone number, a note of the problem (please don't say "as discussed on the phone" - the person doing your job will not necessarily be the person you spoke to, though they can be referenced of course) and an email address if at all possible.

Typical jobs that we are often asked to do are:


Retail price including VAT

Ergopower lever service v2 Escape type strip, clean, reassemble (per lever)

From 19.20 plus return postage and parts

Ergopower lever service v2 Record-type strip, clean, reassemble (per lever)

From 27.60 plus return postage and parts

Ergopower lever service PowerShift type strip, clean, reassemble (per lever)

From 28.20 plus return postage and parts

Ergopower lever service UtraShift type strip, clean, reassemble (per lever)

From 30.00 plus return postage and parts

Ergopower lever body swap and test (per lever)

From 15.00 plus return postage and parts

Ergopower lever conversion v2 and v3

From 35.00 plus return postage and parts

Ultratorque bearing replacement

From 15.00 plus return postage and parts

Hub service

From 15.00 plus return postage and parts

True G3 wheel

From 25.00 plus return postage and parts

Replace spoke & true, G3 wheel, visible conventional nipple

From 45.00 plus return postage and parts

Replace spoke & true, G3 wheel, concealed or proprietory nipple

From 50.00 plus return postage and parts

If you have a spares requirement, or any servicing requirement not covered by the short list above, please email us (velotechcycling"at"aim"dot"com) with details of what you need and we will endeavour to help - alternatively you can call us on 07533 129 435, but we generally prefer email contact in the first instance for these matters.

We welcome trade enquiries on all Campagnolo spares.

We also carry some specialist tooling for Campagnolo components. Typical items can be seen below. We welcome trade enquiries for all tooling.


Retail price including VAT and Postage / packing

Facom U.301 Puller suit PowerTorque carbon cranks


VAR P13200 Suit PowerTorque Alloy cranks only


Campagnolo UT-FC090 Plug for PT BB axle (2)


Campagnolo UT-FC095 Shield for back of crank (5)


Campagnolo UT-CN300 for 11s chain


Campagnolo UT-BB110 Allen key head for Ultratorque


Campagnolo UT-BB130 Ultratorque cup fitting tool for 3/8" drive


Ordering from Velotech Cycling Ltd

To order from us, please simply send us an email giving the part number if you know it, or an accurate description of the part that you need. Please bear in mind that if you send us a part number, that is what we will supply - if it's wrong, there is a 10.00 restocking charge to cover the time taken to pack and send, then to return to stock and issue a credit note - so if you are in any doubt, please contact us! Please also indicate the type of payment method you would like to use (see below) so that we can issue the correct type of invoice.

Payment can be taken by BACS (preferred), PayPal or PayPal Gift, or by crossed and signed Cheque with a cheque guarantee card number written on the back. If you want to pay by card, we can issue a PayPal invoice which allows you to pay by card, online, via a fully secure online gateway. Please note we do not take credit cards by phone. All payment details for BACS, cheque or PayPal & PayPal Gift are included on our conventional invoices.

It is worth noting that we are not fundamenatally a retail sales business (and have no desire to be) so we are not necessarily always in a position to send goods out within a very tight time period. Our main priority for billing & despatch is Warranty returns, then after that service jobs, then the sales of spares. If you really do need something urgently, please ensure that you make that clear in your email. We will do our best to accommodate.