Accreditations and Endorsements

ASET Accreditation

Until March 2009, all of our courses from Gold upwards carry an accreditation from ASET, a government-recognised learning provider. All of our courses irrespective of level were and are run to the same standards, and as the courses "below" Intermediate 2 (Formerly Gold) are essential pre-requistes of the accreditations at Intermediate 2 level and above, candidates can be assured that the training and assessment they receive will be to standards that are nationally recognised within the Vocationally Relevant Qualification (VRQ) framework. ASET have now been taken over by EDI and we are working with EDI to accredit Velotech through them..


Course that we have run has generated a considerable quantity of positive feedback. Below you can see a list of the organisations that we have worked with and for, and a note of what we have done with them and our status with them.

  • Sustrans (Bike It) - we are the preferred supplier of training to Bike It officers in Scotland, the North East and the South East, who make use of our "Intermediate 1" (formerly "Silver") certification to ensure that they are in the best possible position to assess the mechanical condition of bicycles presented to them in the course of their work.

  • Sustrans (Active Travel) - Active Travel schemes are most usually run by an individual with Velotech Intermediate 2 (or equivalent) accreditation. In general, Velotech training is the favoured option for technical training.

  • City of London Police - preferred training supplier

  • London Ambulance Service - preferred training supplier

  • H M Prison Service - - preferred training supplier training civilians and prison officers who run bicycle workshops in prisons. Currently active at 9 prisons across the UK, in some cases independently, in some cases in co-operation with the Margaret Carey Foundation.

  • We have worked closely with London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and Transport for London (TfL) at various times, to ensure a high quality, integrated approach to their training needs.

  • Manchester Velodrome - preferred supplier of training for track coaches and velodrome staff / technicians in the technical aspects of track bicycles. We also work closely with Team GB as a result of our connection to Campagnolo SRL.

  • Hot Chillee - preferred supplier of mechanical services through our relationship with The Service Corps (Graeme is technical director of SC). Hot Chillee are a vibrant business engaged in the promotion of highly professionally organised sporting events worldwide, the best known of which is currently the Londres-Paris Cyclo Sportif.

  • The Royal British Legion have used the mechanical expertise provided by Nigel Hill (who looks after our Sidcup centre) since 1995, and Graeme's skills since 2004.

We have also worked with the following local authorities to provide training to staff:

  • Derbyshire County Council
  • North Lincolnshire County Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • York City Council
  • Staffordshire County Council
  • Hampshire County Council

Other organisations that we work actively with include:

  • Glenmore Lodge National Outdoor Training Centre (Scotland)
  • Cycle Training Wales (Wales)
  • Outspoken! (Cambridge)
  • Cycle Recycle (Northern Ireland)
  • Ancrum Outdoor Centre (Scotland)
  • Firetrail (Scotland)
  • The Bike Station (Scotland)
  • West Coast Adventures / CycleForm (Scotland)
  • Recyke'y'Bike (Tyneside)
  • Cycle Technology (Wakefield)
  • Chain Brakers (Wakefield)
  • Reverse The Cycle (Pontefract)
  • Bike For Life (Brighton)
  • Bespoke Biking (Winchester)
  • WATbus (Ashington)
  • Calshot Activity Centre (Hampshire)
  • Shetland Community Bike Project (Shetland)

As noted elsewhere on the website, our courses all carry the endorsement of the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, who represent the manufacturers and wholesalers, distributors and commercial agents involved in the cycle trade in the UK. We work very closely with the following manufacturers:

  • Ambrosio
  • Bianchi
  • Campagnolo
  • Clarks Cycle Systems
  • Fibrax
  • Pashley Cycles
  • Sapim
  • Sun Race / Sturmey Archer
  • Tandem Group

In these cases, we have in the past or currently are developing specific courses or supplying other mechanically-based services to them, whilst we maintain regular contact with many of the manufacturers represented in the UK cycling scene.