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Course Notes

How the dates work:

Dates at Shelton are generally shown at our Facebook page.
Dates at Velotech Training Workshops (VTWs) are publicised by the VTWs, independantly.

Velotech courses are designed to be completely modular and each module is portable - so training can be commenced at one VTW and continued at another, at a later date, with no loss of training content.

If we take a "Professional" course (formerly "Platinum"), currently offered at Glenmore Lodge, Cycle Training Wales, Outspoken or of course at Velotech's Central Training Workshop in Shelton as an example, a Professional week looks like this:

  • Material for a Bronze certification is covered in the first two days a Professional Course week.
  • Additional material and the assessment to Silver level, on days three and four.
  • Material additional to Silver, for Gold assessment, is covered on day five of week one and days six and seven (week two, days one and two).
  • Additional information and assessment for a Professional accreditation is covered in day seven and in the Foundation Wheelbuilding module (days eight and nine).
  • Foundation Wheelbuilding can also be followed as a stand-alone course, although we prefer candidates to have a minimum Bronze and preferablt Gold level Velotech or similar accreditation before attending.
  • Candidates requiring Professional Plus, the full eight days of the Professional course, plus the required additional modules.

Your Velotech Training Pathway

We generally recommend that candidates take their training in two- or three-day "bites" with a period of consolidation between. Going from little detailed knowledge of cycle mechanics to an Gold certification, for instance, is not easy - there is a lot of knowledge to acquire and fully digest each day, before moving to the next step along the way. Hence, we suggest that potential candidates your proceed like this:

  • Contact Velotech Cycling Ltd or one of our partners to disuss your emrolment / registration.
  • Enrol on a course at the requisite level, which in almost every case will be Bronze - we have asked our training partners to actively discourage any other route as we know if does not yield optimal results and just as importantly, it keeps all course participants "on the same page" where Health and Safety and other good working practices are concerned.
  • If you have, say, already acheived a Bronze award, and you wish to progress to Silver, you will need to attend the third and fourth days a Professional course, or the two days of a standalone Silver course.
  • If you have already acheived a Bronze award and you wish to be trained and assessed at Gold level, you will need to attend the third, fourth and fifth and sixth days of a Professional course, or both the two days of a Silver course, followed by the two days of a Gold course. We do not recommend that you do this. We recommend at least a one month consolidation period between Silver and Gold.
  • A progression that follows the pattern above can be used to take you all the way through to Professional and beyond.


Award of certification at any level is NOT GUARANTEED ONLY BY ATTENDANCE ... satisfactory completions of assessments are required before certification.

If the assessment is not satisfactory, it can be re-taken, or the training can be re-done at an extra fee, and the assessment re-taken.

Re-assessment, if it is run in parallel with an existing course, is generally free of charge.

Shelton Training Centre:


Because of the problems associated with training in a restricted space and the need for heightened levels of tool and surface cleanliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, we will limit maximum training numbers on general mechanics courses to two and Wheel-building courses, to three.

We will keep these restrictions in place until the Government advise that there has been a significant reduction in the risk of transmission.

In normal circumstances, the minimum number of candidates that we can run any given course with is three, but candidates who want us to run a course irrespective of the minimum number of candidates being available have the option of paying £450.00 + VAT per day.

If we have 3+ candidates for each day, the course fee is £190 + VAT per day, generally payable in advance.


All courses and assessments can be delivered in-house by arrangement - the daily fee for the instructor / assessor is £500.00 + VAT. Expenses and mileage are charged.

Velotech Training Workshops:

We have availability of training at a number of other workshops based around the UK - please contact us for details, or see the links on the Home page.