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Velotech advanced training courses

The following courses can be taken as stand-alone courses, or can form part of a Platinum Plus award. If they are taken as stand-alones, there is a minimum standard of prior achievement required, which is noted in the details below. All require at least a Velotech Intermediate 2, a City and Guilds or CyTech 2 award. They all carry a separate certificate on successful completion.

These courses are particulary suited to mechanics who need specific training in comparatively narrow areas of specialisation, or who want to take their basic mechanical skills to the next level.

As we develop closer and closer ties with manufacturers and distributors, we aim to increase the number and breadth of these specialist courses.

It is, and will always remain, a central tenet of our training, that we will not train a manufacturer-specific course until we have ourselves been trained and certified by that manufacturer - in this way, we can maintain the highest possible standards and will never be in the position of "just assuming" that what we are training is the way that the manufacturer would wish a mechanic to proceed.

Sturmey Archer Hub Gears (IGH)

This one-day course deals specifically with Sturmey Archer Internally Geared Hubs (IGH) and related technologies. Candidates will leave with knowledge of how to set up, troubleshoot, strip and reassemble current SA IGH products. These courses are currently by arrangement.


There are three one-day courses included under the Campagnolo heading - G3 wheelbuilding, for which a Sapim wheelbuilding certificate or a parallel award is a pre-requisite, and Campagnolo Proprietary Technology, dealing with Ergopower, UltraTorque. hub servicing and detail of Campagnolo equipment set-up. The third day covers Campagnolo Current-year Technology including Campagnolo EPS. The courses are normally delivered on three consecutive days. Completion of the Proprietory Technology and Current-year Technology days forms a pre-requisite for Campagnolo Pro-Shop status. Candidates will leave with a thorough understanding of Campagnolo technology and how to fault-find and correct known issues.

Advanced wheelbuilding

Supported by Sapim spokes and Ambrosio rims this single-day course looks at specialist wheelbuilds - wheels for disc brakes, track, special spoke patterns (radial, crossed / radial, different crossing patterns right and left, Spanish laced, etc.) and specific techniques (tying and soldering, tubular rim preparation). A Sapim basic wheelbuilding certificate or parallel is a pre-requisite. These courses are currently by arrangement.

Bicycle frame design and materials

In this single-day course, candidates will be introduced to the basic design rules that govern the dimensions of a bicycle frame and how these interact with the other elements of the bicycle. Issues such as head design for suspension forks, rake, trail and castor, and bicycle stability are all covered. A discussion of construction methods and materials is also included. This is an excellent course for those interested in bespoke frame building and design, and also those involved in the purchase or specification of frames for more mass-market applications. These courses are currently by arrangement.

Electrically powered bicycles

This course is currently (Spring 2021) under re-development. Please keep an eye on the cycling trade press and on our Facebook page, for more information.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Working closely with Clarks Cycle Systems, we have created this course looking at semi-open and fully closed hydraulic disc brake systems for bicycles. We examine basic principles, the pros and cons of semi-open and closed systems, mineral oil and DOT, ISO and post-mounting, the various types of fittings used and hose cutting / fitting. We run a series of practical set-up and bleeding exercises.